(An Advanced version  of  Commerce)


(The only Venue Under patna Region in  JNV, SAHARSA )


As you are already aware FMM is different from the conventional academic programmes. The FMM will consist of three compulsory  Professional  subjects each in classes XI & XII in addition to two academic electives one of which must be a language. Though not compulsory, the students offering this package may be advised to offer Functional English for language-1.  For the second elective there are 3 optional academic subjects. They can choose any one subject from above choice. The students may further opt for  an additional sixth subject which can either be a language or an academic or a professional subject at the  elective level, in order to ensure vertical mobility for pursuing higher studies, if necessary.  The subjects under FMM course are given below:-


Compulsory Subjects Professional -Class XI

  1. Accountancy-I
  2. Introduction to Financial Markets-I
  3. Computer Applications in Financial Markets

Optional – Mutual Fund OR Any one from existing subjects

Compulsory Subjects Professional -Class XII

  1. Accountancy-II
  2. Introduction to Financial Markets-II
  3. Business Process Outsourcing Skills

Optional – Commodity Market OR Any one from existing subjects



Class XI


(i)            Theory-: For compulsory language and one optional elective subject( and for additional sixth elective, if any) the schools will continue to hold internal examination as at present.  However, it is necessary to have an  external examination for the three Professional compulsory subjects with a view to develop the basic employable skills in Financial Markets and to inculcate seriousness in the students. There will be an external examination schedule in class XI for all the  three Professional subjects of theory as above. The que3stion papers for theory will be set by the Board. However, both the examination and evaluation will be conducted by the school concerned and the scores reflected in the marks-statement issued at the end of the academic session(Class XI).


(ii)           Practical:  The practical of all 3 professional subjects will also  be conducted externally. The representatives of CBSE, the relevant industry expert and the school concerned will be involved in conducting practical examination for two papers viz. Accounting for Business-1 and Computer Applications in Financial Markets. The practical examination of Introduction to Financial Markets-1 will be conducted on external basis jointly by the CBSE and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).


2.     Class XII

      The theory and practical examinations in all the papers will be conducted by the CBSE  on an external basis as is the practice in other subjects  with the help of NSE and  experts from the industry.


CBSE-NSE – joint certification


NSE is a leading Stock Exchange in India and one of the  largest in the world. For the purpose of CBSE-NSE joint certification, the students will be required to pass 3 modules of NSE called NCFM (NSE’s Certification in Financial Markets) as given below:


1.     Financial Markets: A Beginners’ Module


To be passed during summer vacation between XI and XII Class. OR latest before the commencement of the Board examination in March.

2.     Capital Market (Dealers) Module


To be passed in class XII between 15th December to 28th February, before the commencement of Board examination in March.


3.     Derivatives Market (Dealers) Module


 NCFM is a professionally accepted certificate in the finance market industry. Joint certification with NSE will add credibility to employability of CBSE students. NCFM-examination is an online computer based testing system. It tests the practical knowledge and skills required to operate in the financial markets. It is  a fully automated system with testing, assessing, scores reporting and invigilation in a secure and unbiased manner.


The NCFM module viz. Financial Markets: A Beginners’ Module is to be passed during the summer vacation between XI and XII. The students will get one more additional chance to pass this module without any additional fee before the commencement of the Board examination and therefore it will not affect the class XI result.


Schools will be required to deposit NCFM fee for all the 3 modules along with normal CBSE examination fee in the form of a bank draft payable to the Secretary, CBSE, Delhi.




The textual material is being prepared by subject experts drawn from different fields and will be published by the CBSE before the start of the next academic session.  The textual material has already been made available in the CBSE website. 


The school should have sufficient computers with internet facility to introduce this new course. The software for the professional subjects for stock market trading, accounting etc will also have to be procured by the schools.